Who is Catherine Winters?

Catherine Winters is a per­fectly charm­ing young lady. Perhaps you’ve dis­cov­ered this for your­self! Whether you’ve known her for many years, made her acquain­tance recently, or sim­ply admired her from afar,1 this site will help you learn more about Catherine and, should you be so inclined, get in touch with her.

Residing in Vancouver’s hip­ster mecca of Mount Pleasant,2 Catherine is best known as a web devel­oper, build­ing social appli­ca­tions with Drupal and Second Life.

Catherine Lives in Vancouver
Catherine enjoys Vancouver’s cool tem­per­a­tures and abun­dant rain, its incred­i­bly mediocre pizza and its many cof­fee shops, con­ve­niently located upon every street cor­ner. She also appre­ci­ates Vancouver’s deli­cious, deli­cious sushi. Sushi, as you know, was invented in Vancouver. Catherine rou­tinely fre­quents restau­rants in the Sushi District on Broadway.

Identifying Characteristics of Catherine Winters
Standing an alarm­ing 191 cen­time­tres tall,3 Catherine eas­ily tow­ers above ordi­nary pro­gram­mers and blog­gers. When attend­ing Vancouver’s many art shows and ‘-camp’-suffixed con­fer­ences, she fre­quently finds her­self the tallest per­son in the room. This comes in most handy when she’s invited to speak, less so when she is seated directly in front of you.

You may be sur­prised to learn that despite her stature, Catherine does not play bas­ket­ball, vol­ley­ball, soc­cer, or ten­nis. However, being an ath­letic and not at all lazy sort of per­son, she would like to assure you that she is good at all of these.

Catherine can typ­i­cally be found sport­ing short dark hair and chunky librar­ian glasses. Depending on sea­son, her footwear tends towards pointy heels or Mary Jane flats. Catherine can fre­quently be seen rid­ing her bicy­cle around Vancouver’s hills, eschew­ing the stan­dard Main Street fixie in favour of the much lamer “bike with brakes and also gears”.

Catherine Develops Websites
Catherine boasts con­sid­er­able expe­ri­ence as a web devel­oper, hav­ing cut her teeth on HTML in the days when the <FONT> tag was a nov­elty and a few lines of Perl code were eso­teric magic.

For the past few years, Catherine’s pro­fes­sional life has involved PHP and the Drupal con­tent man­age­ment sys­tem. In her spare time, she’s worked with blogs and sim­pler sites using WordPress.

Catherine has worked for such Drupal-friendly Vancouver orga­ni­za­tions as Agentic Communications, the Great Northern Way Campus and Social Signal.

Catherine is Catherine Omega in Second Life
As her Second Life alter-ego Catherine Omega, Catherine is known as a scripter, instruc­tor and as cofounder of the orig­i­nal LSL Wiki. A res­i­dent of Second Life since 2003, Catherine coau­thored Second Life: The Official Guide, one of the first how-to books about Second Life.

Catherine Writes Things
While her pro­fes­sional expe­ri­ence has tended towards tech­ni­cal writ­ing, Catherine has been an aspir­ing nov­el­ist since child­hood. Today, Catherine both blogs and writes fic­tion as a hobby, pen­ning short sto­ries she has yet to find a way to con­vince some­one to publish.

Catherine is a Blogger
Catherine got her start blog­ging in the late 90s, though at the time, blogs were still referred to as “web jour­nals” or “everything/nothing sites”. To her great relief, lit­tle mate­r­ial has sur­vived from this period.

Since 2006, Catherine has main­tained a per­sonal blog, Omega Point. Despite the exceed­ingly clever pun, no one has ever laughed at the title, largely because Catherine has never man­aged to actu­ally write about escha­tol­ogy or the Singularity.

Catherine Enjoys Typography
Though not a typog­ra­pher her­self, Catherine has long loved type­faces and is more than happy to share her enthu­si­asm with you.

“Oh, for fonts?” Catherine’s friends nod­ded know­ingly, upon hear­ing of her appli­ca­tion to art school. Yes, friends, for fonts. Those who know her well will quickly and eagerly note that Catherine’s favourite type­face is Futura.4

Serifs, descen­ders, pan­grams; these are totally awe­some and uni­ver­sally appeal­ing, right? Of course they are.

  1. Please do not stalk Catherine Winters. []
  2. You know, Main Street. The cool part. []
  3. 6’3″ in America. []
  4. Please note that this site does not even come close to using Futura. Catherine also enjoys being con­trary. []
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